Top 12 Education Technology Blogs

The top twelve education technology blogs are packed full of thoughts from educators, health professionals, and technology experts dedicated to sharing information. These must-read blogs contain valuable insight into the tools and processes for technology in education.

Yes Tech!

Web: Yes Tech!

Yes Tech! is run by Pam Shoemaker. With the tagline “We are all teachers; we are all learners.” she has focused this blog about education technology and teacher leadership. “Do You Understand Creative Commons Licensing?” and “EdCamp Detroit and the Unconference Format” are examples from the Best of Yes Tech!


Web: SocialButterfly

SocialButterfly by Alexandra Bornkessel, follows social marketing and the movement to change. The strategist, professor, and advocate shares her opinions in order to inspire others, showcase social marketing and technologies, provide learning resources, and discuss how to improve the world. “Hope is not what you expect–it is a dream much bigger.”

Learning with E’s

Web: Learning with E’s

Steve Wheeler’s Learning with E’s brings together his thoughts on all things digital and learning technology. This associate professor at Plymouth University brings “Seven Reasons Teachers Should Blog” and “The Natives are Revolting” into the forefront to help everyone understand about technology and learning while teaching.

Gadgets on the Go

Web: Gadgets on the Go

Gadgets on the Go is run by Jimmie Geddes, Alan Grassia, and Jennifer Chappell. They highlight digital devices and keep readers apprised of innovations.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Web: Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis focuses on classrooms and bringing technology to the students. Examples include “15 Fantastic Ways to Use Flipboard” and “Making the Case for Cell Phones in Schools” and prove that Ms. Davis is conquering relevant topics and encourages learning in many ways.

A Student’s Thoughts

Web: A Student’s Thoughts

A Student’s Thoughts by Joshua, who attends University of Birmingham, UK, writes from his fascination of people, games, and science and how technology affects society.

Technology in the Arts

Web: Technology in the Arts

Technology in the Arts is part of a research initiative of the Master of Arts Management program at Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College. They provide best practices for the field, share how technology and art intersect, and share resources.

Angela Maiers

Web: Angela Maiers

Angela Maiers welcomes readers into a conversation about learning, leadership, and 21st century skills. Her passion for interconnecting social technology with literacy and communication is apparent from her very first post and continues through to “12 Most Genius Questions in the World.”


Web: Teacherbytes

Teacherbytes, by John Woodring, uses his education experience to teach kids about safety in technology and to use technology in the classroom to augment other resources. Topics in the blog cover issues like having tech gadgets in the classroom and educational news.

Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech

Web: Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech

Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech, discusses nonprofit technology. Her purpose is to engage communities to have social impact. Examples include “Crowdsourcing vs. Community-sourcing: What’s the difference and the opportunity?” and “America’s Giving Challenge: Importance of discussion.”

The Gadgeteer

Web: The Gadgeteer

The Gadgeteer, run by Julie Strietelmeier and her staff, reviews all the latest devices and accessories. Search bar down the right side conveniently accesses relevant information for specific platforms and areas of interest, including Do It Yourself.

TMCnet Bloggers

Web: TMCnet Bloggers

TMCnet Bloggers by Tom Keating discusses VoIP and gadgets and how they impact daily life for users. News about privacy, new programming languages, and phone options are available for perusal.

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